Mendeteksi PTC yang Scam

How to detect a possible scam PTC?
The following are some possible ways to detect PTC scam.

  1.  Avoid websites that use free hosting and free domain like.,. Tk,. .. If the owner of the PTC have enough capital, then he would hire a better hosting
  2. Standard design, there are some outstanding scripts to PTC and has a standard design, as you can see in Why hati2? because if the owner of the PTC is serious in running this business and intend to PAY, then she should beautify his website so it looks more professional 
  3. No Forums, No Support .... ! Explained that the owner of the PTC does not want to interact with its members and if so do not expect him to pay you .. 
  4. Found Bugs, No improvement ..Almost all the scripts have bugs or errors in the script, for example, there are holes in their security is so easy to hack, or that most of the referrals bug. If the owner of the PTC is unable to fix the bug or not to hire an expert in this case maybe he can not pay you as well.
  5. No payment in TOS / FAQ / Privacy Policy Before deciding to get serious in a PTC, please read the TOS / FAQ / Privacy Policy them well. If no details about the payment ... Do not join! Consider also whether it only PTC PTC ad or not. PTC PTC ads are only paying the ad. 
  6. Very cheap advertising costs, commissions, click the big ... ? Compare the costs previously incurred for advertising on their website, eg for 1000 clicks they charge $ 5, meaning that while the commission perkliknya valued 0.005 per click $ 0.05 ... wah ... PTC stay away like this ... This may be called by unsustainable PTC, which means they adopted the system Ponzi Scheme ... What the hell is that? Ponzi Scheme is a program that only relies on the referrals and upgrade sales. Having no referral is sold. they stopped making money ... as well as payment!
Here is some things you can do to find out whether the PTC is quite safe:

  1. Go to their forum and see a list of complaint, if a lot of problems and no solution ...  just forget about this PTC
  2.  Try asking through online support, if the response from them more than 2 × 24 hours, forget about this PTC!.
  3.  See payment proof or evidence of payment from them, if there are no problems with payment .. maybe PTC is safe
  4. Search in, keywordnya is PTC you want to try plus the word "SCAM", example: " SCAM". Note the results and read carefully!
  5. Go to, see the rating of the website. If a good rating means that the PTC is in great demand of people, so also the owner of ads ... that is, must try!
  6. The most important thing is to try to get into a few forums such as PTC,, or and find information about the PTC which you want to go.
Business PTC is not a safe business, even a PTC that looks safe may one day will become a SCAM ... These risks must be accepted, although essentially all businesses are at risk ... But this is not going to be a major problem for players who start from 0 PTC without spending any capital at all, otherwise if you intend to use your own money in this business ... be careful ... first examine the well ...