Want to know about online Business

Nothing could be more obvious in the Internet business now become an alternative source of livelihood. Some of my friends and some have banked all its financial resources only from the internet. With the growth of Internet users reached more than 20% each year, businesses on the internet is tempting. Just imagine, there are now more than 6 billion internet users, how much the velocity of money on the internet?
But the pity is that how the free and cheap internet, making business on the internet is full of fraud. Many businesses on the Internet was only a matter of weeks-old and then disappear with the money their customers. Many customers who obtain products that are not in accordance with their orders and found that product can not be exchanged.
Some businesses on the Internet requires an initial investment, but there also can be done with free. I myself have tried various types of jobs on the internet, from freelancers to investing, there are produced but there was also a disadvantage.
If you have never tried business on the internet and you have a connection to the internet, then you should try it. If you are afraid to be deceived so many of my suggestions:

1. Surveylah business first, do not terburu2 to join, let alone investment. Ask uncle google!
2. Read artikel2 or advice from others, note the date the article was made whether old or new.
3. Consider market conditions and competitors for some types of business. The bottom line is willing umbrella before it rains.

To start a business on the internet, I advise you to:

1. Has your email account. Use gmail (read here).
2. Open a paypal account to transact (read here)
3. Spending time at least 2 hours a day.
Business or employment on the Internet just like in the real world, we need to take our time to build this business. Use your time more to learn. I once took a few seminars and Internet discussion marketting, where the speaker says that you do not need to master anything to do business on the internet. I think there are some important things you must master, but it depends what business you want to try.