What going on with Affiliates and Resellers?

What going on with Affiliates and Resellers?
haris, Friday, January 7, 2011
Good afternoon fellow bloggers all, this afternoon I'm so glad to be back on blogging and on graffiti this time I will discuss the difference Affiliates and Resellers.

Affiliate is one of the online business on the internet, which does not require purchase or have its main product, the right to affiliate urls can be obtained with a free registration or free without any cost. How to earn money from affiliate business is one where the affiliate url in question, get traffic from visitors, and there are direct transactions through the affiliate url. Free registration method and the percentage of income will usually be smaller than the reseller program, because the affiliate does not need capital directly, so it does not harm the membership or its users, because it is free. Affiliate is perfect for anyone who wants or just starting out learning the business on the internet, to be able to learn without the cost and still earn income potential in accordance with affiliate program provider. In the world of internet many sites that provide affiliate programs, both locally and overseas, the local sites that provide examples of affiliate programs is RahasiaPanas.Com his Haryo Hardi P and his RahasiaMarketingOnline.Com Alief Setiawan. 

Reseller is in the internet business which requires a person to obtain or have the main product first, before we can use the product in accordance with the provisions resellernya reseller program provider, the method is free paid registration or registration is not paid or free, but the potential for greater earnings compared with the program affiliate. By joining our reseller program will have a double benefit, that benefit from its main products and business benefits from the program itself resellernya. Examples of sites RahasiaWebsitePemula.Com provider reseller program is hers Davit Putra.
But there are also sites that provide affiliate and reseller programs, where we can register as an affiliate first, and when I get the results could be used to purchase the product aka a reseller. Examples of local sites that provide affiliate programs as well as resellers are hers Haryo RahasiaPanas.Com Hardi P and his RahasiaMarketingOnline.Com Alief Setiawan.
Of the few reviews above we can conclude that the main difference from affiliate programs with resellers located in the registration method and the percentage of income or profit.
To be sure, join an affiliate or reseller business is very profitable for us, because we can obtain the potential revenue without having to have their own product or website / blog, so the main task of the member affiliate or reseller program and just PROMOTION PROMOTION.
Finally, for those who are new to his online business I suggest you to choose the affiliate program first, because the ownership of the affiliate id for free without any charges, so it is not at risk. This means that if successful it could result in accordance with criteria and procedures affiliate percentage, and if not it would not hurt because the ownership of an affiliate is FREE.
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