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Story Summary Guide How to Set Timing Left Subtitle:
To our loyal visitors, sorry if a lot of discontent agan agan to the DF-including one such criticism raised by Yogi. Due to the limited ability of our team then maybe sometimes or often we were not able to check all the subtitle / srt that we provide. But as one of the independent solutions we can provide to agan-agan, try this one: (Follow instructions well yes)
1. download subtitle editor  

2. Run subtitle editor, and open srt file you want to edit.  
3. On the left of the display subtitle editor there is the option "adjust all times" (note the well yes.), Add a time delay of several seconds in accordance with the perceived lack of fit . 
 4. after added a few seconds, agan click "show Earlier" SUBTITLE IF A FEW SECONDS deemed late and click "show later" felt too SUBTITLE IF A FEW SECONDS FASTER.  
5. click save, and try to play back the movie, to see is better or not yet agan edit existing subtitle. 

Tip: when the movie first started and just talk the first time, directly at the pause. see sec / minute. open later after a subtitle editor, try to see the subtitle in the first row late / faster few seconds compared with the film. For example, in the original film began to speak in minutes 10:3 seconds, whereas in the subtitle editor  see subtitle on the first line to walk in
minutes10: 15second. Then agan click "adjust all times" as much as 12second. continue to click "show Earlier" and save. That means agan has changed the subtitle / srt who had run the first time from minutes10: 15second -> to be running the first time minutes10: 3second
Please read and consider well yes. If there is a lack of unfamiliarity, please ask. Thank you.

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