Indonesia will Have 46 Provinces

Estimates of up to 2025, Indonesia will add 13 provinces to 46 provinces. Also, counties and cities will grow 54 more than the current number of 398 districts and 93 cities.

"Estimates prepared by the team Desertada, sheer number of provinces will add 13 more than the current 33. So if added to the estimates, Indonesia will have 46 provinces," said Director General of Regional Autonomy.

While the county town, is estimated to grow only 54.

"Yes, hopefully from that figure among the four requested by the West Java yes," he said.

Though currently there are 186 areas requested division.

Estimated maximum number of autonomous regions in Indonesia both provincial and city district became one of the crucial issues in Desertada. The calculation of the estimated maximum number of autonomous regions recognized Djohan indeed pose a dilemma.

"If you do not worry there is no estimate was made basic reference, otherwise if the draft estimates be made concerned the division perceived to be a target to be pursued," he said.

Therefore, the estimated maximum number of autonomous regions listed in the 2010-2025 Desertada called Djohan is not set in stone that can not be changed.

At Essentially, the estimated number of autonomous regions in Desertada been carefully calculated by a number of considerations that a rational and ideal.

"It's just the dynamics of the problem and the passage of time, space adjustments can still be done with a clear and strong argument," he said.