(Computer Vision)

      Computer Vision is one of the most widely used technologies of today. This computer vision technology is one of the areas of Artificial Intelligence technology. Computer vision is also and a collection of methods for obtaining, processing, analyzing an image or in another sense computer vision, is a collection of methods used to generate numbers or symbols obtained from images taken from the real world so that the computer can understand what the image means. The essence of computer vision technology is to duplicate human vision capabilities into electronic objects so that electronic objects can understand and understand the meaning of the images entered (Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlavac and Roger Boyle - 2008). The understanding of images on this computer is done by deciphering symbolic information from image data using models built with the help of geometry, physics, statistics, and other theories and methods (David A. Forsyth and Jean Ponce, 2003). 

    Computer vision is also described as a technology to automate and integrate various processes and representations to produce vision prestige (Dana H. Ballard and Christopher M. Brown, 1982). 8 In disciplines, computer vision deals with the theories behind artificial systems that extract information from images. The information extracted from the image can be different data, such as the sequence of the course of the video, the intesity of light, or the perspective of different angles of the image. In the discipline of technology, computer vision works out how to make theories and models work for the development of systems on computer systems. Examples of some applications that use computer vision such as, navigation tools, and controllers. Computer vision is often used to detect faces in images, recognize facial expression recognition and in practice is often used in common with artificial neural networks.

Software supporting and frequently studied include:


uPyCraft IDE


And there are many more that can be used depending on the user or programmer familiar with which language is often used